Get your own Twitter Account
    Here the steps to get your fist twitter account from your iPad . Step 1 : Open your
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How to post over
Step 1 : Go to and login with your google details Note :  if you didn’t create an account
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How to start your own blog at
Step 1 : Click Here to go blogger website.Step 2 : When the page appear, click over the middle button ”
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My Favorite Apps for instagramمفضلاتي من برامج الهاتف للانستغرام
All of us like to post a great post to share with our friends and family, So here couple of
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Arabish ارابيش
Modern Arabic band call “Arabish”, the group has started at 2015 . they discuss the middle east or Arab Society
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Reality Check تدقيق بالواقع
Between time to time we would need to have a reality check and it might hit us so strong that
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The world’s most famous and popular language is music. Psy اكثر لغة مشهورة و شعبية هي الموسيقي  – ب س
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Canva is best for quick design
If you would like to design quick things by your self without need to hire  designer to do the job,
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Massar Egbari – مسار إجبارى
An Egyptian Band called ” Massar Egbari ” which means Compulsory Detour. The band music target social topic specifically those typical
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Free Website Builder
General Free Web Builder Website which could be blog or regular website which can be customize depend on your needs
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