aliexpress 2019

Aliexpress implement a new app ui & ux approach for their audience, and they definitely deliver the new ui & ux with put in their mind that their audience are human and they are not users as Johannes Ippen discuss on his article “Humans, not Users”.

In the first time using the app after upgrade into the new layout, will show a pop up screen with tour guide in fun way and simple way to inform user with changes in layout and approaching some new icons or old icon as feed icon which may miss communicate with user if they doesn’t get any idea about meaning of this icons and what can do, and inform them where their classic feature went or has been modernise.

The swap and message which they use very smartly with cartoonist characters to empower their user without make them feel they are outsider.

Aliexpress is a good example of an app that includes different range of people from age, countries, background, knowledge in technology, Etc. While change design they understand they need to ask How can we serve our users better? How can we improve the experience of our users? How do the users feel?

The most important part is understanding feeling of that user as has been establish they are human and human emotion is important when deal with things as they may buy things  or accept an approach by finding common ground and make them feel happy, as research done by Harvard Business Review which has been monition at Motility that “Forty-eight percent of customers who are unhappy about a negative buying experience, told 10 or more people about it.”

As at end of the day an app is solving problems which user experience or even process and should that app making it easy on them which lead to having better business, which is also a key factor in building customer loyalty in age of e-commerce and social media .

As Mark kilns say After all, it's not what you say, but how you make customers feel, that creates lasting relationships. (Mark Kilens)

So, well done Aliexpress on taking this approach to deliver the new app to your users.

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