This post will provide steps of inserting Google albums , you may watch the video and follow the steps under the video clip of how to insert Google Photos Album into the Post .

Step1 : Got your Two Apps working

Step 2 : Go to unnamedGoogle Photos

Step 3 : Tap over the photosmenuside menu at let

Step 4 : Tap over Collection

Step 5 : Tap over plus sign on the right hand side

Step 6 : Tap over Album

Step 7 : Select images which you would like to include

Step 8 : Tap over Done

Step 9 : Type the album title

Step 10 : Tap over shareicon- share icon

Step 11 : Tap over Copy link

Step 12 : After Complete Getting Link , Go to the Post

Step 13 : Tap over hyperlink icon ( Past but usually automatically inserted )

Step 14 : Tap over insert

Step 15: Tap over post / update



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