You got an email with list PDFs and when you check them out , you decided it need to be documented into your Google Drive as single document to represent the topic or to make your printing live easier than send request of each single document.

Step  1 : Open your the email which has load of PDFs Attachment .
Step  2:  In Attachment Section, click on ” Save All to Drive icon

Step 3 : It is optional but I would Recommended to do this step , a Pop up tool tip say Organize, click hyprlink which title Organize.

Step 4 : Side menu will pop up ask you to select folder, recommended to you create new folder and with proper title , and then clickmove here” button .

Step 6 : Visit your Google Drive ( ) , and Find your Folder which has been created with PDFs list inside it .

 The Steps from 7 – 9 are one time configuration steps , if you already done configuration , skip to Step 10 . 

Step 7 : Click  “New” Button , then ClickMore , after that Find & Click + Connect more Apps

Step 8 : Search from Connect apps to Drive  for  “PDF Mergy” , Click “+ connect Button”  

Wait until you get pop up message say PDF mergy was connected to Google Drive.

 Click “Ok” . Then close connect apps window .

Step 8 : Re Click “New” button , then More , after that “PDF Mergy” Click over it .

Step 9 :  A new tab window will open  with “Access to Google drive” title , Click over “Grant Access to Google drive” button. 

A pop up window will show up , and you would click “Allowbutton

Step 10 : From The PDF merge page ( if you coming from step 5 : then go to new button >> more >> PDF mergy , then will a new tab will open up with PDF Mergy details )

Step 11 : Click “Select Files from Google Drive “. Select PDFs file which you would like to merge and Click “Select” .

Step 12 : Click  “Merge button from top

Step 13 : After complete merge will get two option either to save pdf to your computer or save pdf to google drive, the option which will use today is “save pdf to google drive” so click over

Step 14 : A pop up window request title for your merged Pdfs, type the title you would like your PDF to hold then Click OK .

Step 15 : A lonely button will appear call ” Show PDF in Drive ” , after click over  will open to you the PDF document merged .