In this post will discuss posting a single post in your blog, the steps has been divided into the following structure:

  1. Create New Post
  2. Structure of Post
  3. Type Title
  4. Insert Cover image / Picture to the topic
  5. Type body text
  6. Select Category
  7. Publish the Post

Those is very simple steps which can learn them either by follow the instruction over the playlist in YouTube Click Here to view.

If you prefer to follow steps by step instruction with visual support and video, keep reading this post.

Create New Post


Step 1: Tap into WordPress App from your iPad

Step 2: Tap Blog Title from My Sites Screen (Blog list Screen)

Step 3: Tap Blog Posts from Publish Category

Step 4: Tap + ( Create a Post / Add a Post ) icon from right top the screen


Structure of the Post

As you can see from the above image the location of the each items and what does they mean.

Type title


Step 5: Tap over “Post Title” Section and Start Typing your Post Title

Insert Cover Image / Picture to the Topic

Step 6 : Tap over “ Share your Store

Step 7 : Tap over Add Picture icon imageadd

Step 8 : either Select an image / Capture a photo

Step 9 : Tap Done


Type body Text

Step 10: Tap again in Post area

Step 11: Start type your way

Step 12: play with Formats such as Bold / italic / line through …etc.


Select Category

This step is very important, that would detainment either your post will be appears in your menu system or not by define in which category is related to .


Step 13: Tap over the setting icon iconwheel (wheel icon )

Step 14 : Tap Categories

Step 15 : Select Categories

Step 16 : Tap options ( Back )

Step 17 : Tap Back


Publish the post

Step 18: Tap Post / update


congrats , you have post your fist post.

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