Step 1 : Go to and login with your google details
Note :  if you didn’t create an account yet , please check the step in Here 
Step 2 : Dashboard of your blog would be appears to you as below image, after is complete loading press/ click over ” New post
Step 3 :  Post editor will show up, find the structure of post details in below image 
  [1] Post title : Article title 
  [2] Body : The content of the post . 
  [3] Toolbar : The Format tool to adjust post content. 
  [4] Labels : Where you tag the post into specific categories or tags to ease the search and enable you  to categories the blog to create simple menu. 
  [5] Schedule (optional ) : To enable you to schedule the post when it would be published within your blog. 
Step 4 : Click over Publish to either Schedule or Post directly the Post .