WordPress App

To login into your school blog you would needs to install the WordPress app into your iPad to start blogging.

There are two ways to install the app, which are:


Get from app Store

You able to Get WordPress by visiting the App Store from your iPad and install the app from their, you can follow steps with below video or follow steps type under the video.


Step 1 : Tap into your ios App Store  App Store icon

Step 2 : Tap into Search bar of Store

Step 3 : Type “WordPress

Step 4:“WordPress   App will show up, Tap into the download Cloud icon

Step 5: Wait until Completed

Step 6 : Find App in your Apps Screen



Follow a link

Step 1: Visit WordPress App Page for ios by Click Here

Step 2: Click Downloads


If you still need helps , let the IT Support help you in those steps .


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