Hi ! This is Ejlal

Web Developer / Software Engineer / Tech Explorer 
Graphic Designer / Artist / Book Lover 

Enjoy Exploring Technology either user side or development side of the technology. However, I  always fascinate  by UX / UI , HCI  and Computer Graphics  but in Same time I adore Software Engineer field which analysis systems, blue print and develop the system ( Software / App / Web App ...etc ) .

Technology is not only thing I am interest on , if I would add something I enjoy and interest on is going to add are and literacy as I enjoy wide spectrum of art , specially artwork, music, movie/series and books; I would get out my brushes between time to time to let my soul to be fulfilled

To know more about who am I , check out Who am I page which would contains more details.

Skatch Time

Digital Gallery of artwork done either digital or Traditional 

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Something to try out to make your life easier 

Share Link Converter Add-ons 

You Don't need to remember what to adjust over share link of google products to provide you the right mode to display the documents which you would like to share, all you have to do is install Share Link Converter to your G suite and will take care of that for you, check out how to get and use the add-ons by

Share Link Converter Extension 

You Don't need to remember what to adjust over share link of google products to provide you the right mode to display the documents which you would like to share, all you have to do is installing Share Link Converter to your  Chrome and all what should be done is toggling with drop list to select the right mode you would like to share or view the document with.


Blog Post

Blog would contains different type of post and topics mostly would be related to Technology , Art , Music and literacy. 

How to Change Profile photo in your Gmail

Personalise your Gmail with changing your profile picture to your picture or something represent your personality .Step 1 : Visit Gmail.comStep 2 :Go to the Avatar or  G icon In the bigger version of Avatar Click into word Change as following pictureStep 3 : A window of Selection picture will show up […]

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Games for IOS 6 ( Bring Your Device to Life )

Do you got an old Apple device ?!! and I am sure is either in your cupboard drawer or can’t get any new games directly from App store to your device without going through long steps to get a games work for your device. هل لديك جهاز ابل قديم ؟ […]

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My Fav YouTube Video in Arabic June – July

Arabic Videos which Really interest to watch in your free time . مجموعة فيديوهات مميزة لمتابعتها في وقت الفراغ .   Car Engine Heat up right / Wrong ?!  تسخين محرك السيارة ؟!! Helwet Ramadan حلوة رمضان Why should I protected  ليش احمية ؟  

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Ramadan App Collection باقة برامج الهاتف الرمضانية

A Great Apps to be install in android devices, specially at ramadan برامج مميزة لتنصيبها ( وضعها ) في جهاز الاندرويد الخاص بك ، و خاصتا بشهر رمضان المبارك Prayer Times A great app for prayer times which got different type alert, and also indicated break the fast in ramadan […]

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Ramadhan Playlist قائمة رمضان

My Favourite memories of Ramdhan (Ramadan ) is the rhymes which been written and sing for this occasion which made this hole month is fun and connect with good memories . As usual my flavour is going to be from middle east music mostly which is full range of style and […]

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The Summons by John Grisham ( Book Club Discussions ) – Part 1

Reading is one of the greatest thing can you do in your lifetime, and if you like to having discussion group or book club as much I do, I know that highlighting , pens and a lot of thoughts would have while reading any page of any book, and it […]

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