November Picks 

I always get cross with Software / Apps or things might get things ease or it is just nice to got or have in your Tech or Software Technology Gadgets . So, this is my first serious of Monthly Picks .

Android Device Apps 

Google Drive 

Google Drive a nice app that help you view directly your files and enable view different account from the same app, so you would be able view your personal , work account.

Google Chrome Apps or Extensions 


It is an great app for creating Avatar or Personalise your own character to use on your Post or Website or Even at social media. Sometimes you need those character to describe feeling or action you would like to point or share with all other people.

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Save to Google Drive

This Extension is one of the greatest one store information in the Google Drive , that is great method to keep your documents, photos , articles which you found in your google drive
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This is my picks of November 2016 .