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Dialog Element Overview HTML 5 (5.1 to be exact) has introduced a new element which dialog, the dialog element is
Step 1 : Prepare your Google Form Step 2 : Press Send , Send Via Link  copy the link from the
Sometimes is not fun to find a page default with other language than the one you prefer, specially if you
There are many apps in the app store to help bloggers to provide great content , for start with blogging
In this tutorial will helps in provide you with easy way to post photo within your blog to embed photo
In this post will show you how can you embed YouTube video within the post, just either follow the video
This post will provide steps of inserting Google albums , you may watch the video and follow the steps under
In this post will discuss posting a single post in your blog, the steps has been divided into the following
In this post will provide you the steps which needed to login to your own post which you can video
To login into your school blog you would needs to install the WordPress app into your iPad to start blogging.There