Reading is one of the greatest thing can you do in your lifetime, and if you like to having discussion group or book club as much I do, I know that highlighting , pens and a lot of thoughts would have while reading any page of any book, and it is nice to share your thought and idea, plus your wondering which cross your mind while you reading the book .

As my current reading is The Summons for John Grisham if you following me on Instagram i post some paragraphs and thoughts while I am reading so you might would like to follow me in that social media too .

Book Details

Book Title : The Summons

Author : John Grisham

Language : English

Published Date : 2002

Category : Legal thriller Novel

The story about Atlee family, The family members are Ray the professor in a university, the second member of the family is Forrest and last but not least father . The Father will known Judge at  Clanton, Mississippi.

The Judge ( Father ) asked his sons to visit him to discuss couple of things, when Ray reached home, he found his father dead . However, he discovers a sum of over $3 million in his father study room . The money wasn’t included within Judge will .

Ray didn’t know at first what would he do with the money, and where does it come from.  In the book their would be a lot of discussion about  who knows about the money, where is money come from and is that dirty money ?!!

The Book contains a lot of thoughts other than where is money comes from and what would they would do with that type of money . In addition what is the legal issues would be behind this money and how to deal with that problem. The book discuss  some family & friendship relationship which happen within Judge life and after Judge life and many other human thought which you can capture from the book .

This is my general view as I am still currently reading the book, however I wanted to do that post while I am reading the book to keep some book discussion questions which can be used for Book Clubs or Book Study or if you would like to check some highlights and questions was been asked by other while reading.

I am keeping questions related to the chapters which pop that questions into my mind and quote the paragraphs which make those serial of questions which cross my mind.

The Summons Discussion Questions ( CH 1 – CH 4 )

Chapter 1

” He Could move lunch up or back, cancel a class, postpone his research to  a rainy day, or a rainy week for that matter. The right forecast, and Ray was off to the airport.”

  1.  What the thing that let you move your schedule around and cancel your plans for it ?!
  2. What should be my priorities in life ?!
  3. What is the perfect priorities for life ?!

Chapter 3

Teaching keeps you young, they all said, perhaps energetic and mentally sharp

  1. Does Teaching make you feel young ?!!
  2. Would really teaching make you feel energetic and mentally sharp ?!!!

He was very much alone – no mate, no dog, no cat , no goldfish.

  1. What is lonely is ?!
  2. is lonely and alone is different thing ?!!!!
  3. Does own a pet make person not alone ?!
  4. Can person be lonely with mate, dog , cat and gold fish ?!!!
  5. Does own pet compare to have mate ?!!!

“Chatting with Forrest was always depressing. They had no wives, no children, nothing in common but a name and a father . “

  1. Can chatting with some people drawn a person ?!!! means make them feel depressing .
  2. What you should do with people who make you feel depressing ?!!!
  3. if those people are sharing you name and parents ?!! what you can do about it ?!!
  4. Can people share name and father and don’t have anything in common ?!! are we stranger into our family members ?!!!

Chapter 4

  1. Why someone would drive into place so slow or choice long path ?!!
    1. Because want to be alone
    2. Want to enjoy road and watch it
    3. other reason ?!! what would be ?!!

” It took the first heart attack to reunite them “

  1. If you are not talking to someone for some reason ?!! what things would make you reunite with them ?!!!
  2. Is their a person what ever happen you will never reunite with them ?!! and does your reason enough to make you feel that way and not allow your self to reunite with them ?!!!